Monday, January 14, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday-My Melting Pot

Hello Everybody!

If you have been a long time follower or if you have just started in the last couple of weeks, you may know that I usually do a little Tuesday Tidbit on well Tuesdays.  I started my Tuesday Tidbit in the beginning because I wasn't sure how this whole blog thing worked and wanted to make sure I updated it.  Little did I know I would not have a problem doing that since I am so crazily addicted to challenges!

So due to there only being 24 hours in a day and my love to craft I have decided that this will be my last little Tidbit Tuesday.  So here it is:

Today is about my Melting Pot.  I got this for Christmas from my awesome Husband.  :)  He heard me talking about how Tim Holtz made these paper flowers into what looked like porcelain flowers.  And he stored that info until Christmas.  It's been since May so that's a good memory!

So in the melting pot is UTEE which is Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.  Now you are supposed to be able to melt other things in this little pot but I haven't gotten that far yet.

So on the idea of the flowers, I have these flowers that I took off of the stems.

 Here they are cooling off on the Ranger mat.  They look like glass!  I love them!

I dipped a piece of cardstock paper too.  

Now this is cool.  The stamped image is on a piece of shrink paper.  They make clear and white.  The only one I had was for the computer so it's white.  Here the balloons are the same size.

Now the stamped one is a little tile!  The ink blurred a little bit-but that's ok because some of more projects use more of an old distressed look.  I'll know next time to let it dry a bit more before I dip it.

Here's another picture of all of the flowers I made.  Some of the bigger flowers are a challenge because they fold on themselves.  But (there's always a but) if you don't like it-put the flower back in.  The UTEE will remelt and you can redo trying to get the flower out of the pot (which can be a challenge.  Tim had it right-his flowers have stems!) ;)  The white things are pieces of shrink paper that I shrunk.  The UTEE can be "painted" with alcohol inks too.  That's my next step!

Here is a scrapbook page here that I did using these little glass flowers.  I applied them with glue dots.  If you have a melting pot-what do you like to make with it?

Thank you for stopping by!  Until next time my friends...have a good night! :)

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Carly said...

This looks like so much fun, and the finished product is great too!