Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday--Gold

Hello Everybody!

I hope your Tuesday is going well!  I don't know if you have seen this Krylon pen before but it is awesome.  I got it at Christmas from my mom-in-law (who is awesome-love you!).  I hadn't really thought about it before I got it.  I have a role of gold leaf and glue and press.  But this-let me show you!

It's a pen and look how great!  I use it to outline shapes.  Baby steps ;)

Here's a card I did using the gold pen on the circle.

Here's a close up.  It was easy to even out and make the circle pop.  This is an easier way to use gold!

Until next time my friends...add that Midas Touch! ;)


Annette said...

love the added gold...awesome card..

Khandrogos said...

The gold accent makes everything pop!