Thursday, March 22, 2012

Takin' it back--Old School

Hey Everybody!

I made a scrapbook layout for Challenge 131 at Let's Scrap.  The challenge was to use ordinary photos, tell why they were special, and use stuff that you used when you first starting scrapping.  No Slice, no Cricut, and I don't even know what else.

So this challenge got me thinking.  I am so used to having my stuff that what did I use back in the day?  My scrapbooking has evolved.  Let me share this story.  I volunteered to do the scrapbook for high school band.  I wanted it to have 3-D effects.  I wanted people to feel the texture (though I didn't know what texture was at the time. I used puff paint.  That was the worst idea ever!!  We had to put freezer paper in between each page so the pages wouldn't stick.  It was terrible.  I think back and still feel really bad.  I wouldn't blame them if they threw it away!  LOL In 1994 who knew I was just ahead of my time? ;)

Some how that did not stop me from my scrapbooking journey.  Here is a page from my college days.  This is actually in one of those book that the clear film covers the sticky page--yeah those photo albums.  I know they are bad for pictures but there is only so much time!  My roommate in college made the little monster embellishments.

So fast forward to 2003/2004 I don't know because I didn't put dates in.  WHAT!?  I know I know.  Really?  So this is a spiral bound book and I adhered colored scrapbook paper to the page.  Ahh...foamies and little die cut trees....Maybe I should have bought a magazine?  I was probably too hard headed and thought I would figure it all by myself.  ;)

 Here's another early page.  I did buy magazines...not just scrapbooking ones.  This is from a trip I took with a friend to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.  Again with the cling pages, and I used this quote cut out of a magazine.

The quote is really funny when you look at the pictures.  Here is the close up of me.  I loved that they had these photo opps.  I also admire that I chose a funny and ironic quotation to go with the photos.  I don't think I'm that good now, so somebody must've helped me with it! ;)

Here's the last page I am going to show you...  I used a post card and made a little shape with decorative scissors that cut the pieces out on both sides.

So I have paper from that long ago.  And I may even have one of those trees left and I definitely have a variety of Foamies to choose from.  So for my layout I tried to use only paper, tools, and stickers that I had from about 10 years ago.  That's crazy when I write it out.  LOL  Also, this is during a time that Ebay was starting up along with my addiction to Ebay.  So I bought shapes and stickers from Ebay, which I still have.  Oh and fibers too!  I have many little bags of fibers.  Like I thought they were going to stop making them or something.  And then you go to the craft store to figure out that it's fancy yarn.  What the what?!?!

Ok, so on with the is my entry to the challenge....

Here's the sketch from Let's Scrap (from 9.1.11).

Here is the left side.  This is a paper pad from Provo Craft--copy write 2003.  I used a green mulberry paper behind the middle picture and for the title.  The title I used little Foamies letters.  Originally, I didn't know if I was going to do an 8X10.  But with the sketch I used and the size of my pictures it only felt right to do 12X12.  Plus it would look funny in whatever album I put it in.  So I made the first 2 strips of paper 2.5 inches wide and left them 11 inches long.  The bigger piece of pattern paper I cut off 2 inches and then used decorative scissors on the edge.

This is the second page and it mirrors the first page, but flips it.

Here's my journaling block.  No computers for back in the day.  That's ok.  I do love this one sheet that was in the Provo Craft paper pad.  Maybe I can make some with alochol inks.  :)

Here are some of my foamies.

Hey 2003 called they want their paper back...

I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me!  Do you still have stuff from way back when?  Put a link to it in the comments section and I'll come visit!  Until next time my gotta start somewhere!  :)


Lisa Lara said...

Cute pages Katy. Good for you. I am way behind on my family scapping.

Khandrogos said...

it's fun to see the evolution of an artist!

Carly said...

I'm sure Magnus will love looking back as he gets older!