Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Cards for the Blog Hop

Hello Everybody,

Sorry that I have been quiet the past couple of days.  Sometimes life gets really busy!  So while I've been driving, I have been trying to think of the best way to share my Blog Hop cards with you.  I thought about breaking them up or grouping them by theme.  But I also know that now that the Blog Hop is over, I am ready to move to other projects.

I loved the challenge of doing all 50 cards.  And I'm not going to lie, it was a challenge and one that was done towards the very end.  Whew!  But all that aside, I feel like all of the great designs helped further my cardmaking abilities.  So I am going to make the biggest post I have ever made (unless Blogger has other plans for me) ;)  So here it goes...

I am going to show you my cards and the Leap # they are.  You can go here to see the Blog Hop line-up.  I was going to show all of the sketches...but that's a lot of work at this point, and I really want to share my cards so I hope that is ok!

If you have a question about something leave a comment and I will answer you back.  You can also find me on Facebook here.

Leap 5

Leap 6

Leap 7

Leap 9

Leap 10

Leap 11

Leap 12

Leap 15

Leap 16

Leap 17

Leap 18

Leap 19

Leap 20

Leap 21

Leap 23

Leap 24

Leap 25

Leap 27

Leap 28

Leap 29 (and it won!) :)

Leap 30

Leap 31

Leap 33

Leap 34

Leap 35

Leap 36

Leap 37

Leap 38 (and I won at this leap too!)  WooHoo! :)

Leap 40

Leap 41

Leap 42

Leap 43

Leap 44

Leap 45

Leap 46

Leap 47

Leap 49

Leap 50

Wow!  So fun!  I hope you enjoyed looking at them.  I have so many cards now I don't know what to do...probably make some more!  Until next time my friends...see you soon!


Carly said...

Wow, this is impressive! I love them all, but #21, 42, & 49 are my favorites!

Annette said...

wow Katy these are all so amazing and super creative and love all the color...

Kory K said...

I love your cards- and REALLY love #19, the mustache card! So cool!


Khandrogos said...

I too love the mustache card!
Great job and amazing how different all these look!