Monday, December 30, 2019

December Projects

Hello Friends! 

I made it to December!  This of course was a crazy month.  I made some Christmas tags but only seemed to photograph 2 sets.

A friend of mine and I hold a Christmas tag party at our church and we teach whoever comes how to make tags.  It's a wonderful evening of crafting and friendship.

So this is using Martha Stewart snowflake stamps and stampin up pastel colors.  I love how you will see a tree all decorated in soft colors.  

This is the ugly sweat tag.  In silhouette I duplicated a sweater file that I had bought from their store and connected the sleeves together so it would open.  And then I showed a could of ways to decorate-but there were infinite possibilities.  I put out sequins, stickers, pompoms, glitter glue, and I can't even remember what else.

So the last crafty thing I took a picture of in December are these four gnomes.  Again Pinterest for the save.  It was actually Pinterest for the idea.  Most of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree.  The beards and yarn came from Hobby Lobby.  And I used my pom pom maker for the little pom pom on the end of their hats.  I sewed them on the ends of their hats.  I used rice in their bottoms and only one gnome has a cone hat.  The rest I used stuffing that I had.  These were super fun to make.  

Thank you for sticking with me!  Cheers to 2020 and more crafts and more fun! :)

November Projects

Hello Friends!

I would like to say I didn't almost forget to post this-but I did!  My day worked out to where I could play with new goodies from Christmas and watch some crafty You Tube videos-so adulting was not on the schedule.  That's right no laundry was washed or dishes put away.  That will all be stuff for tomorrow! LOL!

So I have to tell you that in November there was not a lot of crafty stuff going on.  I had a chest cold in October that progressed to bronchitis.  Ugh!  It was not fun.  And then the first round of meds didn't quite get rid of it so then there was round two.

But I promised my boss that I would make a banner for our new Thanksgiving themed event called Pumpkin Pie Picnic.  And with the help of Pinterest and Hobby Lobby this is what happened:

Here is a close up of on of the letters.  I used my silhouette for the letters and zip dry glue.  Now let me tell you about zip dry glue--it doesn't leave indents on the paper letters that are adhered to glitter paper.  Glossy accents (and I love you!) does.  I don't know how but for this scenario it is definitely the go to glue.  I did a stitch through felt strips and got glued them on for the crust.  It took about two "felt crusts" each.  And the stitch was easy-just time consuming where you go in and out of the material and scrunch it all together at the end.

Here's a closer look at picnic.

There is this card that I made at the end of October or beginning of November.  A friend of ours, David Gremmels, is a now world famous cheese producer.  So I made him a card to celebrate this honor.  His cheese Rogue River Blue won the highest score-and I embossed stars and cut the crown out of gold glitter paper.  The earth is a metallic shimmery paper I had in my stash.

Thank you for stopping by!  I'm better now (lol otherwise I would be sleeping!)  There are a few things for December so I will see you soon! :)

Sunday, December 29, 2019

October Projects

Hello Friends!

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  I love Halloween and Fall!

And as I am looking at these pictures-I was a little busy.

I made this Edgar Allan Poe card for a friend of mine who loves him.  That is the great thing about card making-is how you can taylor a card to a specific like or interest.  I am also glad that Tim Holtz like Poe and has his pictures in the halloween papers I have bought. LOL!

I love vignettes or diaramas-whatever you want to call them.  I saw these two happy little ghosts at Hobby Lobby and then this came together.  

A couple of little spiders are hiding on top!

A birthday card for a wonderful friend of mine!  The butterfly is a Martha Stewart Stamp.  Some Tim Holtz goodies are in the cluster and some Queen and Company and maybe Recollection flowers.

This cute birthday card is stamped with Jane's Doodles flamingos and leaves.  The starts are from a Paige Evans stencil.  Distress ink fossilized amber and spiced marmalade.  I colored the images with Copics. 

Every now and then-I totally loose my mind and must make something for a holiday.  I don't know when it will happen-it just does.  I had borrowed some Halloween books from the library.  I had no idea they would be so full of inspiration and projects that were in my skill level.  LOL  So I bought canvas materia, cut pieces and hand sewn bags.  And I still have foam stamps from the times of Making Memories.  I am so glad I have them-because with some craft paint they were perfect for these bags!  The book that inspired this project was Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger.  

I was totally obsessed with making these bags.  And you must see the next thing.

In a totally different book from the library called Felt-O-Ween I had to make these water bottle covers.  Then you toss a hoop-so it's a fun game for kids.

I hand sewed the pieces together.  And loved making them!  It took a while-I'm not going to lie.  But it was fun and worth it to make something different.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will create the November post tomorrow!  See you then! :)

Sweet September Projects

Hello Friends!

I have more cards to share with  you from September.

I made two sympathy cards with different backgrounds.  I was inspired by Pinterest.  I used Nuovo drops in the centers of the embossed flowers.

This card was fun.  Some mixed media and paper dolls.  And I had this flamingo ribbon that I loved (of course-I love flamingos!) So even though it doesn't go stylistically, I thought it was fun and brings a little quirky to the card.  

My paper doll roll doesn't stop there.  I loved making the background and using the paper dolls and this sept sticker.  Everything is Tim Holtz except the buttons and clock in the corner.

And then I totally change gears.  I have these ornament making kits that I have had FOREVER.  And I think was scared of them.  But something pinged from within and I sat down and figured them out.  And I love making them.  I have 1 more kit and 1 more silver ornament to make.  And the kit makes 2.  I'm ready to order more!

Thank you for stopping by!  I'm going to start working on the next post.  See you soon! :)

Fun In August

Hello Everybody!

I'm back with my cards from August. 

I made this card for a friend of mine who lives on a ranch.  I will be making her a thank you card too-and there will be a cow involved on it too. 

I love my Silhouette machine-I'm sorry if you get tired of me saying that lol.  I printed the background paper from their design store.  And the cow cut file came from there also.  And since it has separate parts, I was able to not only make the head 3-D but I put a little spiral thing on it to make it move back and forth.

The hat is from Tim Holtz. 

Sympathy cards are always hard for me to make.  And if I take to long to make it-then it never gets given and that just isn't right.  So I made a quick simple card using a tulip embossing folder.  Embossing folders are just awesome. 

So I need another anniversary card for some family members-and yay! paper dolls by Tim Holtz!  That is green mulberry paper in the middle and a foil washi tape of some kind that I embossed (which I was proud of embossing lol). I colored the flowers on the paper dolls too.  The trick is for waiting for the markers to dry.  Patience is hard.  haha!

I made this card for a friend of mind and I again love how it turned out!  I found this tag and then everything just came together and I really love when that happens.  Sometime it takes me way too long to make a card-and then there are others like this that I make quickly because they come together quickly. :)

My last card for August was a Narwhal card.  The cut file was from the Silhouette store.  It was fun to make. :)

This was a great month!  Let's see what September holds! :)

Projects from July

Hello Everybody!

I am working on July projects.  It is fun to go back and see what I created.  It's mostly cards-cards that have already been given out.  And I am like-oh I want to make some more of those!

Or use more Queen and Company stuff because I love their stuff.  And this summer I was all about rainbows and colors!

This is all Queen and Company except for the glitter paper from Hobby Lobby.  I love these products!

I used this prima stencil and a rainbow of colors of distress ink.

Ta-da!  It's on a 12X12 piece of white cardstock which I haven't finished but I was happy after I finished the rainbow stencil.

I love how this card turned out.  I used a chicken wire background stamp from Stampin UP (so it is rather old) and used gold embossing powder.  Then I used distress ink oxides.  The cow, pig, and rooster are a die cut from Silhouette.  And the sentiment and metal frame are old school Stampin' Up too.  And then that panel is on a kraft card.

This fun card went to some of my husband's relatives.  I love that heart background (simon says stamp).  Old school flower background stamp from Stampin Up and paper dolls, film strip, flash card, and metal sticker and rub on from Tim Holtz.  Along with the distress ink.  The clock stamp on the bottom is Hot off the press (I think) and the gold flower "sequins" are pink and main.

Mostly a Tim Holtz card with the stamp, ink and background stencil.  The sentiment is a die cut from Queen and Company and glitter paper from Hobby Lobby.

Wow!  July was busy!  Like I said it's fun to look back.  I need to get out those paper dolls and make some cards with them! :)

Thank you for sticking around!  August is on the way :)

Cards from June

Hello Friends!

How is everyone today?  I got my swifter out and dusted this blog off.  It's been a little while.  I don't know what happened in the summer and then once October hits--well it's all a blur until after Christmas.  LOL

I have been crafty although I haven't documented it very well here on my blog.   I have my Instagram account and that is where I have been sharing the things I have made.   So I am going to get caught up right now!  Finish the year up right! :)

I think the best way is to go month by month.  So I am finishing June 2019 with these 2 cards.

The first one here is using a sticky paper and putting glitter on it.  Stamping on it and then coloring the images with Copics.  These stamps were from Sparkle N Sprinkle but the company is now Glitter Galore.  And a couple of Tim Holtz stars help finish this card.

The second card happened with a lot of help from Etsy. lol  It was for 10 year so Mario for the win!  And I used a Tim Holtz stamp for the sentiment.

Thank you for stopping by and sticking with me during this quite time.  :)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fairy House

Hello Everybody!

I am super excited to share with you my most recent project!  Like seriously excited! First, I have to tell you that this is the first time I have ever made a Fairy House (or any place for a mystical creature to live.) Second there are a lot of pictures.  So I am going to take care of business first-and then please feel free to proceed on if your time allows :)

So here is my before and after photos:

I would like to submit this Fairy House to the following Challenges:

Frilly and Funkie: Home Sweet Home

Mixed Media Warriors: #40  Old to New

I have to first tell you also where my inspiration came from.  I was scrolling Instagram like I do and came across this house that Adrijana at Paper Beauty AK posted.  And I like fell in love with it.  Crazy-I know but it totally inspired me to make my house.  So Thank you Adrijana!  

I have had this house for about 2 years.  I bought it at Goodwill in August 2017.  My husband and I used to go to thrift stores a LOT and I would collect wood things with the hopes of transforming them into other things.  I buy faster than I create LOL.  And it's been awhile since I made anything this big (usually I make cards and scrapbook pages).  


It's funny because when I have shown a couple of people the before picture they say "oh that's cute."  And it makes me feel bad because all I saw was a project.  LOL  It's about an inch or so thick.  Before I decorated it-the house could stand on it's own.

I cleaned the dust off with a wet rag.  And started to gesso it.  Then I realized I didn't want the shutters-so I took those off.  The little nails were left behind so I left them there.  

I added Power Tex 3-D balls (some might call them art rocks) and painted the house white (Martha Stewart Paint).

On the right you an see the supplies and the finished paint.

Inspired by the other house-I wanted to use a nest too.  This is a Melissa Frances nest and those are Dollar Tree golden eggs.  You can find these kind of nests at Hobby Lobby also (like in the moss or fairy house section I cannot remember which).  I hot glued the eggs inside but not the nest just yet.

I painted the roof gray.

The roof makes me want to have a PayDay candy bar.  This is little gravel that came with a beta fish set.  I did not use the gravel for the fish because I refuse to clean dirty fish gravel.  So these are clean straight out of the bag and I used hot glue to apply them.  I only burned myself like 3 times.  ;)

I used my silhouette machine to make windows and a door.  The cut files came from the Silhouette Design Store.  I took clear extra laminating and applied yellow tim holtz alcohol ink.  Then I cut them to fit the window and glued them on with glossy accents.

I painted the underside of the roof a beige color.  It was gray before and didn't look right.  Then I added spring green paint mixed with white and dabbed it off with a paper towel.  This was cool because it created a lighter more organic feel.  The inspiration house is what gave me that idea.  That's one of the things I loved about it.

I wanted dimension and I figured an awning above the door would be a perfect way to accomplish that.  I took some light cardboard and cut it into pieces and curved them.  I covered them with these fake leaves I found in my stash.  I used hot glue to adhere and then I added more leaves to the front of the awnings.  

The door-I painted with tim holtz distress mustard seed.  Adhered material to the window using mod podge fabric glue.  That stuff is awesome for adhering fabric (me just sayin').  Bliss sign that came in a scrapbook kit and an orange brad for the door knob.

So here is what it looks like now.  Time for some greenery!  I added paper grass to the front and it's a Lawn Fawn die.  Then in my stash (gifted to me) are the green "bushes." I added moss (so fun!  and totally inspired) and then I found some little critters to put in places.  Also, I glue on the nest.

Ta-Da!  I painted a wood veneer butterfly pick raspberry (TH Distress Paint).  I bought moss from the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.  There are many different types of moss.  :)

Outside Picture

Side View

Other Side 

Inside Picture

And these are closeups of the little critters I found-that I didn't remember having.  LOL

And here it is again.  All finished.

If you made it this far--thank you and big hugs!  Until next time my friends...stay creative! :)