Friday, September 30, 2011

Time for Halloween!

Hello Everybody!

October hasn't even started, and it is a busy month!  There's Breast Cancer Awareness, Oktoberfest, Halloween, and I don't even know what else!  Whew!  Well I have held off going Halloween shopping until Oct. 1st.  Then woohoo!  Here I come :)  So to start off my love for Halloween here is a card using the Tuesday Tidbit technique...

Here is my big o' mess of orange yarn.  I have had this so long, I can't even remember where it came from, but I'm glad I have it for this project!

On Tuesday I used wet glue, but today I am going to use the red line sheet.  It's tacky on both sides.  Very tacky!

Using my 2 1/2 inch circle hole punch, I sort of cut a hole in the red line sheet.  Scissors help me free my circle!

I peel off one side of covering so one side of adhesive is facing up.

I start my orange yarn piece.

And I start the circle shape with my yarn.

Lookin' good.  This can be somewhat challenging, trying to keep all sides even and your hand out of the glue!

It's almost done!  Because there was more of the adhesive circle and the top, I took my yarn (without cutting) half way down, brought it back up halfway, came back across the circle and did one more circle with the yarn to complete it.  (I hope that made sense!)

I tried to stick the end piece kind of back into the circle so it isn't hanging out loosely.  All done...Now what?

Get out those black scraps!  Time to make this jack o' lantern a face!

To make the stem I used raffia.  We probably all have this at our houses!  This is just green, and you seen how much I have!  I cut off maybe an inch or so, and don't unravel it.  We want to keep it wound up.  Put it to the side.
Next I took black card stock measured to fit my card and adhered it to my card.  Then I took a piece of Halloween ribbon and went up about a quarter or so from the bottom.  The ribbons came from Hobby Lobby, part of their Paper Studio line.  I adhere the piece of ribbon.

OK, so now I carefully remove the back of my pumpkin.  Here is what the back side looks like.  Pretty cool!

Now I put the raffia stem to the back of the circle, making sure some if it peaks from the top.  This should be enough to keep the stem on because the next step is to put the whole pumpkin on the card. 

I added a sentiment in the right space of the card to give it some balance.  You could very easily just stick in the center of the card and do with the sentiment on the front.  Let me know if you make one of these!  Until next time my friends...enjoy Autumn!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunshine for your Tidbit Tuesday

Hello Everybody! 

I hope you are having a good week so far!  Fall is on it's way...but before I get the leaves and Halloween stamps's one last look at some sunshine!  (Until spring of course right!?)

First I get out some light blue card stock.  This measures about 3.5X5.5.  I got this from my scrap box, so look there first!  Sky paper would also look good.

Then I start in the center with some glue.  I am using Glossy Accents, but if you have a different liquid glue, that should work, too.  You want it to dry clear.  I start making a circle.

Here is my circle complete and pretty filled in.  Don't go too crazy.  You can also add as you go along so if you aren't sure how big.  Start small and then add glue to the circle.

I start my yarn.  This is a baby yarn so it is pretty soft.  I must have gotten it on sale because I don't knit or crochet...(though I've tried!)

I am adding glue because my circle was bigger in some spots.  So this is to even out my sunshine.

 The main circle is done.

Then I add glue lines and start applying the sunshine lines.  I put the edge of the line to the main circle and lay the yarn on the glue going away from it.  Then I cut the yarn.

Here's the finished sunshine.  It's ready for a page or card.

 Here's another picture of it in the light.  You could blend yarn colors to.  This is a lot of fun, and maybe the kids would like to do it too!  Until next time my friends, stay sunny :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vellum Quotations

Hello Everybody!

Are you ready for the weekend?  Are you going to do some scrappin'?  I always hope I am!

I am always working on a couple of albums at a time.  Sometimes if I get stumped on one, then I put it away and start on a different theme, pictures, etc.  One of my favorite albums that I work on is....My Favorite Pictures album.

It's an 8x8 album.  I can scrap my favorite picture quickly but there is plenty of space on the page to use embellishments and whatever else!

So as I am gathering up my supplies for the next page in my album, I run across these...

 A big o' stack of vellum quotations.  I probably bought these 5 plus years ago.  I think I must've thought scrapbooking was coming to an end, and I must buy everything!  (you would think that to if you saw some of my stuff!  ha ha!)  So I want to use one of the quotations...but put a modern spin on it...let's see what you think!

Here is my page.  Pretty simply.  I started it a few weeks ago, got busy and now I am coming back to it. 

The Happiness Is...  is the vellum piece which isn't secured.  Most adhesive shows through the back, so generally they are put on with brads or stickers.

Instead of the traditional way, I'm going to use my Sew Easy tool.  I start the holes in the paper and go into the vellum.  I do this to anchor the vellum to the paper, so they are connected.

Here is what the backside looks like starting off.  I am going to tape the ends down, rather than knotting it. 

I sew it.  My favorite part :)  The lines are a little crooked, but that's ok!  I'm not a machine!

Here is my finished page.  I dated it on the side of the matted photo.  Yay!  One vellum quote down, 5 more books of quotations to go!  ;)

Until next time my friends!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Memory Thread

Hello Everybody!

I was shopping at Joann's over the weekend and came across Memory Thread.  I had seen it in the Paper Wishes catalog and no where else.  Partly, the Memory Thread is located in the embroidery section of the store, and I usually head straight for the scrapbooking section!

You can coil it around a pencil.  I just made a few coils around my finger just to see how it would respond.  So far it stays pretty good.  Seems like it would be fun to decorate pumpkins with it (since I bought green). 

In the Paper Wishes catalog they used it around Christmas ornaments, so that seems like a fun idea as well.  Leave a comment and tell me what other ideas you have for this!  (Even if it's in a different color!)  Until next time my friends!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Time for a Birthday!

Hello Everybody!

I hope everyone has had a great week!  It has flown by...where is September?  We are half way through already!

So I don't have Tuesday's card ready.  I am not sure if I like it.  Crazy huh?  So I will keep looking at it blankly until I can figure out something to do with it. 

Until then I do have a great Friday project!  It's my sister birthday so of course I have to make her a card!

Get out your alcohol inks and some stamps and let's get started!
The technique I am going to use for part of my card comes from Tim Holtz at:

He's got some other great videos on how to so check 'em out!

I used a piece of glossy photo paper.  This is different than what Tim uses.  This is what I had on hand.

Alcohol inks--check  Keyboard Can Duster--check  Look at those splatters!

I liked how this turned out, but I want my sentiment to go on the card, and that purple is too dark.  So I do another one.  On the one below I use less air and drop the ink on the paper and move the paper around (in the air) to move the droplets.  I added a few drops of the mixing solution to get colors to blend and move in different directions.

Remember my clock stamp set?  It's back!  Time to celebrate!!  I was impressed with the clarity of my stamps on the glossy paper.  Also, I used Staz On ink so it will dry on the glossy surface.  Not all stamp pads will.

I probably should have stopped here, but there are gears on the stamp sheet!

Here's the finished card on the outside.

On the inside I put a rub-on on (?) and left all 4 "happy birthday" lines intact.  I stamped a flourish on the side, because you know what?  I didn't place my sentiment in the middle.  Then my flourish came out lighter than I would have liked it, but I am going to leave it.  If I try to go back over it, I will just double the image and that to me is worse.  It's serendipity...and I just go with it!  Until next my friends, take some time to celebrate!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Scraps and Layers!

Hello Everybody!

Do you have scraps?  I have scraps--and lots of them!  So get them out and let's make a background for a card. 

I have a beige piece that I put on my card.  It doesn't quite cover my card, but that's OK.   

I cover the exposed card with a scrap that has writing on it.

I add the green striped scrap to the left side.  No cutting for this one!

I added the polka dots, then the pink flowers, and then lastly the diamond patterned paper.  My background is done!  Now for the "centerpiece."  Come back on Friday to see the finished project!  Until next time...used up those scraps!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cool Timepiece Clock Card

Hello Everybody! 

Grandparents Day is on Sunday.  Personally, I was racing against the clock (no pun intended, I promise!) to get this card done.  

I start with a piece of old Cosmo Cricket paper (or at least that's what I think it is.)  It has sort of a vintage cloud feel but when I cut it to fit my card it's just a cool background.

From my cool box of goodies, a clock stamp set from Hot off the Press.  I liked it when I bought it, but I loved it after using it!  It has the phrase "time to celebrate" which helped me to get the concept for this card. 

Here I am just testing out one of the stamps.  This is a great back ground stamp.  I used this a couple of times on the card.  Start with light colors and go to dark as you layer stamps on top of one another. 

I'm using Ranger's Distress Inks for stamping.

This set has so many different types a clocks.  It's so fun to chose the Coo Coo clock!

This is a deep blue color.  So I stamped it once on a scratch sheet, and I will use the second printing of the stamp on my card.

My card is almost done!  I had stamped the phrase on a piece of canvas ribbon, but it was ugly.  So ugly I couldn't even take a picture of it.

So I added this beige lace...

And cool stickers for my sentiment.  The stickers came from some I bought from Target a loooong time ago and the "celebrate" pebble letters came from Joann's house brand.

Remember friends to tell the ones you love that you love them!  Whether it's Grandparents Day or not!  Until next time my friends...get out those stamps!