Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bonus Autumn Card on a Saturday Night!

Hello Everybody!

Well I stuck true to my original content being related to Halloween.  And normally I would start a project on Tuesday the day after Halloween...but I ran across this really cool challenge.  And I have to participate!  So here it goes!

Moxie Fab has a Tuesday Trigger: Autumn Woods challenge.  It features this piece for inspiration (very cool!).  There's still time, so if you are inspired, click on the link here and play!

When I first looked at this, I thought the piece was made out of tile.  When I came back and paid closer attention, I saw that it was a wood hanging.  But I couldn't get tile out of my head.  So here is my card made with Tim Holtz's Fragments and the falls colors inspired by this artwork.

From this angle you can see that I also raised some of the letters to give different heights, also inspired by the art piece.  Keep scrolling to see how I made this card!

Here's another view of the letters popped up.  I also put letters under and over the fragments to further emphasize the spacial element.

So first I size my dark brown cardstock to fit my card base that I get from Michael's (Recollections brand).

I get out my fall scraps...there's plenty to chose from!

I get out my square fragments and see how many and what will fit on my card.

I'm using Scenic Route letters and put an "e" on a piece of cardstock.

I put Glossy Accents on one side of the Fragment.  A few moon ago, I learned this technique from Tim Holtz himself in a CKU class.  He's an awesome teacher!

Then I put the fragment over the "e" where I believe it is centered.  I move the fragment around a little bit to move out the air and spread out the glue.  I hold it there for about 5-10 seconds.  Then I let it dry.

Once dry I cut out the letter Fragments.  This Fragment has the letter on top to help create depth.

I spell out Hello and use one pop square for the h, l, and o.  So every other letter has a pop dot.

Awhile back I had bought a remnant of tulle material with glitter in it.  I have been waiting for the perfect project...ta da!  Please be warned though.  This is not the easiest material to tie into a bow.  It's stretchy which is challenging and also delicate.  But if you have patience, it's very pretty!

So until next time my friends...stay inspired!  See you Tuesday!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Spook-tacular Card!

Hello Everybody! 

Halloween is almost here!  And here is one more Halloween project!  I am entering this card in 2 challenges:
 Moxie Fab WorldTextured to Perfection Challenge in the Moxie Fab World

 Wee Memories: a free for all challenge (WMC73)!
Definately go check out Moxie Fab World and Wee Memories!  There are so many talented people out there!

Here is my Spooky card!  The little ghosts add demension and a unique textures to this Halloween card!  Scroll down, and I'll show you how I made it.

First I covered my card base (Recollections from Michaels--and they are on sale this week!).  This paper is from Carolee's Creations.  I've had it in my stash awhile.

Then I take out a Halloween strip with spooky glittery words.

I cut the words apart that I need for my card.

I made some more cute upcycled ghosts for this card.  First I take a Target plastic bag.  I don't know about other plastic bags, Target's seem to be a bit different.

I cut a square out, probably 5 inches by 5 inches.  Bigger is better, you can always trim it down.

I put the plastic square over my thumb to measure.

I took extra plastic bag like from the handle and rolled it into a ball.  

Then I put the plastic ball into the center of my plastic square and tie a piece of floss around to create a neck.  I added googly eyes.  Using scissors, I trimmed the bottom of the ghost to give it a better shape.

As you can see I made 2 ghosts for this card.  Then I placed the glitter letters.  They had adhesive on them already, but I ran them through my Xron to make sure they stick to the card.

Until next time my friends...have a great Halloween!

Upcycled Bouquets

Hello Everybody!

I am so excited to show this extra project.  I am entering another challenge at LESSology.  Check out their blog and see what other folks have created.  It is so much fun!  Plus there is still can create your own! Until Sunday that is! :)

So here is the finished project or projects.  I made one pretty and spring like.  But keeping true to my goal, Halloween all during the month of October, I made a 2nd one.

These bouquets started with toilet paper rolls.  They measure about 4 inches.

Using a bone folder, I creased the bottom half of the toilet paper tube.  Then I applied Glossy Accents and put a clothes pin on the bottom to make sure the bottoms would stick together.

Then I applied Mod Podge to the exterior.

I used a makeup applicator to put the Mod Podge on.  I put tissue paper on it.  It was folded in half and I put it around the roll.

The stems for the flowers are skewers from the grocery store.  I used wire cutter to cut them into different heights.  Then I painted them green with acrylic paint. 

Different heights.

While waiting for the skewers to dry, I used my crop-a-dile and punched holes in the back.  This is where my ribbon will go.  The holes are maybe a couple of inches away but they are level with each other.

Yay holes!

So this part gets a little tricky.  Since this is my first bouquet, I laced the ribbon through so the knots would be on the inside.  The first knot--easy...second knot--not so much!

So I put a pink ribbon, a white fiber (or yarn), and those little pearls that are all on one "string."  This was tricky because I had to make sure all the ribbons were the same length so the bouquet would hang right.  Here is what the inside looks like.

Here is the FUN part!  Making the flowers.  I used the Cricut on all of these.  I used the Walk in the Garden cartridge.  Picking out the papers and the flower centers was so much fun!  It was nice to use some things that I forgot I had! 

The next thing I did was put the flowers in the tube to check and see how they looked.  Did I want to add flowers?  Did I need different size flowers?  Are the colors good?  When I am sure of their placement, the next step occurs. 

You know the blocks they use in the bottom of vases to stick flowers in?  I had a few little piece left...and it came in quite handy.

I broke it in half.  But save the second piece!

I push it into the bottom of my bouquet tube. 

Now the flowers are set.  The next step I did was decorate the tube.  If you were to do this project, you could decorate the tube first, then finalize the flowers.

I put lace at the top of the tube and used red-line tape to secure it in the back of the tube.  For the lace  that was the only place I used adhesive.

Front side.

Then I added a wide sheer ribbon to the tube.  Again, I used red-line to secure the ribbon in the back.

I added Making Memories pearl hearts which you can still get at Michael's.  This little set has come in so handy for me!

All done!  Besides my wall, I think this would look great in a cubicle or cork board.

You see the light switch here.  I wanted to show perspective, that this isn't a big (size wise) project.

The Halloween bouquet was created a little differently in some ways.

First there was this extra tab that I cut off after the glue dried.

Instead of covering the tube, I painted it black.  I touched it up after it dried.

Here it is painted.

I tied the yarn on the back.  Way easier!  And I just used 1 yarn for this bouquet.

I glued the bottom front of the cute foamie ghost to the front of the tube.  And I have him googly eyes. :)

That flower piece from it is--yay!  No waste!

The pumpkin boarder is from K&C a year or two ago.  I run it through the Xron machine to make sure it will have a strong bond to the outside painted tube.

Close up of the flowers and added bat for fun.

Here's a close-up of the bottom.  The trick or treat is from Recollections--they are like plastic pieces--very cool!

Here is the Halloween bouquet in its entirety.

Whew!  My friends if you made it this far--you totally rock!  Until next time (which will be Friday-make sure you come on back!)...stay Halloweeny :)