Monday, July 11, 2022

Smile Canvas

 Hello Friends!

I am playing along with the challenge at The Funkie and Frilly Boutique Blog today. The challenge is called Stencil Mania and you are to use 3 stencils on a project. Funny story-I made a card (the post previous to this) using a stencil and a fun technique. I was all happy until I went back to make sure I had everything right-to find out that you need to use 3 stencils and not 1. LOLOL. So here is my project :) (And I'm glad I double checked!)

So I made this canvas board a long while ago. I guess I get distracted and this stays like this until now. (I have many other things started and not finished. I may have a problem.)  I painted it (with what I apologize I don't remember) and I used Finnabair stencils. They were probably new at the time and I just wanted to do something with them.

Here are the 2 stencils. (wait shouldn't there be a third? wait for it... ;) )

I also stamped a partial of this stamp in 3 areas, but 2 of those places were covered up. 

Here is the 3rd stencil. :)  Those are two clay bolts from a finnabair mold painted with raven black sparks paint.  Tim Holtz smile flash card-torn and inked with vintage photo.  And I think the paper with the words is a Tim Holtz snippet or something. (I have layers, ephemera, and snippets all in a bag so you know it's a little crazy in that dept)

This is a Paige Taylor Evans stencil and I used Peacock wax by Finnabair.

Here is the base. It's an artboard so it's thick but maybe not a thick as a thin canvas? I don't know.  These looked like possibilities when I bought them. So far 1 possibility so not bad :)  Oh and they measure 9 inches wide 12 inches tall.

So this is a little creative process here. I make the molds ahead of time. And I have a good many.  I love making them. :)  So this is me trying to figure it all out.

This lady and this whole piece here is a photo transfer from Finnabair. Like a big rub on in color. I just put it on a piece of cardstock and cut out the cardstock. I am sure they are meant to go in journals and stuff but my journal is small and I really just love this and thought it made a great centerpiece.

So here is how everything played out.  Gears, clocks, postage stamp, and an ornate metal piece.  I used these paper (I guess) ball like things and painted them purple to anchor all of the pieces. And I painted everything with a sparks finnabair paint. Some I rubbed a little wax on like the big clock-vintage gold. Oh and I highlighted parts of the background with Unicorn's Hair (one of my faves).

For the construction I used craft foam to lift some of the pieces. Like the camera girl got 4 pieces and then the pink clock 3 and the square stamp 2.  This is how I layered them-and I used hot glue-between the craft foam layers and the gears, clocks, etc.  The paper balls-I used glossy accents and a pin to move around the glue a little bit.  For the smile piece I used zip dry because I find that it doesn't wrinkle paper. I love this glue for banners also :)

And here is the finished piece again. Thank you for stopping by! :)


Maryanne said...

yOUR PIECE is to die for, love everything about it. The colors are my fav.

Larimore2 said...

Oooooohhhhhh!!!! I am SO GLAD you went back in to check, or we’d all be missing this SO AWESOME piece!!!!
Yes, you’re right; that’s the perfect center!
I keep saying I’m going to try using those molds simply because I love the process - as well as I think it would actually save $$…? You’ve rocked the Stencil Mania and I am so glad you played along with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique!!

Laura Gilhuly said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your creative process with us! You art piece is fabulous!

Lisa Hoel said...

I love all the texture in this! Thank you for sharing with us at the Funkie Junkie challenge. =)