Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday-Stuck on Glubers

Hello Everybody!

Today I just have to share (and share again in case you may not know) how much I LOVE Glubers.  I bought them at the scrapbook store on a whim.  But let me tell you--they are so much fun.  You have total control over your flower!

This may seem too many options to build your flower, but what else are you going to do with all that ribbon, lace, material, and whatever else you might have?

There's different sizes-this pack has 3 sizes from 1-3 inches.

This was the first flower I made with lace and a Gluber.  There are instructions on the package too.  If you go here there is a video for a different way to make Gluber flowers-which you know I will be trying!  :)

Here is my plastic bag flower.  This post is here if you would like to know more about it.

Here is a ribbon flower that I pleated as I went around.  There are some imperfections but I know that the more I make Glubers, the better the Glubers will be.  This reminds me of that ribbon candy at Christmas-LOL.

Here is a big brad in the middle which won't be the permanent center for this flower but you see how some of the imperfections seem to disappear.

Here is a pink lace Gluber I made.

So I got out a piece of burlap material, which I have a lot of due to an unmade Halloween costume.

I cut it into strips and made it around the first outer layer.  The next layer is where I ran into problems.  The glue got fuzzy with material bits and burlap doesn't pleat well.  But this was cool to try, and I think with a big enough center and maybe a charm, I can still use this :)

Until next time my friends...have a Gluberiffic day! :)


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such a beautiful variety of flowers-- you are very talented indeed!

Annette said...

these are all so fabulous...thanks for sharing.

yyam said...

Ooooh...these look fabulous! :)