Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday-A Gift from My Awesome Hubby

Hello Everybody!

This Tidbit Tuesday is about the awesome gift that my Awesome Hubby gave me for Easter!  Let me show you then I can tell you about!

It's an artistically adorned Vision Board!  It's from the Etsy shop Your Karma Is Rockin'.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It's part dry erase board and all magnetic.  So I can put inspiration on the top and write in what challenges I want to participate in :)  There are all sorts of baubles and beads and the cork in the right bottom corner.  The cork says "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail."  Although that isn't the first time I have heard that question asked, it does always stop me and make me think for a minute.

The 2 gold flowers on the bottom are knobs so I can hang things!  I bet there will be some tags hanging up there!

The board in itself is so inspiring to me!  I can't wait to have it hanging on the wall so I can just admired it and hope that the creativity will just start flowing!

You can also check them out here on Facebook.  They have close up pictures of different projects.

Until next time my friends...keep your Karma Rockin'!

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Carly said...

What a great gift!