Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Earth Day!!

Hello Everybody!

Happy Earth Day Everybody!  You still have 6 more hours to submit a project for an awesome prize!  I can't wait to see what you create!

The 1st Earth Day was in 1970.  I found this great shares facts about recycling such as Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.  Go check it out!

So today I made a flower out of a plastic bag.  It's different than than the yellow plastic flower.    Let me show you!  I am linking this cool flower to Dr. Sonia's Recycling Challenge at Do More With Less Challenge.

This flower is made out of a plastic bag like you get at the grocery store.  In the middle is foil.  It measures 4 inches wide.

First I started with a Gluber--love these!!

Plastic bag.

I cut out on side, no handles and spread it out on the table.  In the right hand corner you can see my alcohol ink applicator.

I put different colors on my applicator and make stripes.  If you were to do this you can make any pattern and color combo you wanted.

I cut them into strips.  I started out with 2 inches strips but that was too wide.  I then cut those strips in half.

I stick and pleat around my gluber.  This is not as easy as with ribbon.

Here it is finished.  For me the strips weren't long enough to complete an enter layer so I added in a strip and just kept going.  I did trim a little away if there was a piece sticking out.

Foil I found in my stash.  I folded it a couple of times.

Then I emboss it.

Then I colored it with a yellow and orange alcohol ink.

 I folded it around a 1 inch piece of punched out card stock.  I adhered it with a glue dot.  Pretty cool huh?

I hope you have enjoyed Earth Day Week here at I Like to Cut and Paste.  Until next time my friends...we only get 1 Mother Earth :)


Annette said...

very cool...

Dr Sonia S V said...

Katy this is also super awesome! Everyone should see this. I would be delighted if you link it to

Dr Sonia S V said...

Dear Katy,I have chosen you as winner in the Recycling challenge at Do More with Less and would like to feature you and your amazing recycling on my blog. Please do email me at so that we can work around the schedule and content for the Guest Feature Post