Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Week Challenge

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to announce who the winner of my Earth Week Challenge is *drum roll please*

Nobody.  No one entered--but don't be sad, I'm not.  First I get to keep the fun stuff I bought for the challenge.  LOL!  I used a butterfly for a card I made yesterday!  Second, I learned not to exclude my International pals, and have figured out how to do a prize that everybody can have with minimal difficulty.  (I'm not gonna say until the next challenge.) ;)  And third, I did just spring my challenge out of nowhere-so I will give a little more time, especially at a busy time of year.

Thank you to everybody who stops by!  I really appreciate your comments and looking at my little space in Blogland! :)  You guys rock!  Until next time my friends...big hugs :)


Sandy said...

I looked but couldn't enter Australia certainly excluded me :( Will be looking for the next one you put up :)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oh Katy-- I didnt know about it or would surely have made something. I so love your fun recycling ideas! Ha you are right now you get to play with the goodies!!