Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday-Digi Stamps

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to talk about Digital Stamps better known as Digi Stamps.  There are a lot of companies that design and distribute Digi Stamps.  I will share a few.  What is also cool is that they have blogs showing their ideas.  Cooler than that is they will have challenges....and wait they will offer free Digi Stamps so everybody can play!  Now many of the Digi Stamp places have polymer stamps that they sell also.  And believe me--they have some great looking stamps!

Here is a picture of a couple of free digi stamps that I got.  I tried opening them in Word but that didn't work.  I have Photoshop 8, and they opened up no problem.  Now if you are reading this and know of another program that opens them up easily just let me know by leaving a comment.  I would love to learn more! :)  Also, if you have a favorite digi site----share it!

These cuties were free!  What I do is print them out on cardstock paper and cut them out.  Usually I will color them first, then cut them out.  You can use Copics, color pencils, whatever you normally would color stamps in with. 

The super cool thing is that you can size these.  And even make a border...your imagination is the limit!

Ok I can't wait to share any longer!

This is one of my faves!  http://papersmooches.blogspot.com/

Market Street Stamps  Here you sign up with Market Street Stamps.  They had a cute coffee mug but I just went back there and don't know how to get to the mug.  Visit it anyway, you probably figure it out better than me! ;)

The Alley Way Stamps  These folks are new and they make it really easy to find the free digi stamps.  Go check 'em out!

When you start collecting digi stamps-organization is key.  I group mine by brand.  If you have a blog, use the free digi, then it is only right to give credit where credit is due.  So if your folders are named Paper
Smooches, Alley Way, etc., it will be very easy to give credit. 

I am new to the Digi scene however, after I made my first card with the cute mug-I am very excited about this new resource!  If you missed my card with my digi check it out here!  Until next time my friends...check out those Digis!

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