Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday--Break out the Glitter!

Hello Everybody!

Happy Tuesday! The other day at I was my local scrapbook store (why can't I buy 1 of everything?) ;) and I saw that Jolee's has glitter birdcages.  Initially, I was like I want that!  Now I do have to have a budget in mind when I got to the scrapbook store.  And then I have to be able to go over that budget only so much...so I realized, no I couldn't get the glittery birdcages.  Go here to see them.

So it hit me---I have the Tim Holtz bird cage Sizzix at home and plenty of glitter!  So that is what I did.  And that is what this Tidbit Tuesday is about.  Making your own glittery embellishments so you don't have to break the bank!

So the grey cage is Tim Holtz's grundgeboard.  I have the grunge paper, but only when I need it can I not find it.  Then I took a yellow paper.  Now I also took a green paper not picture here and made a bird cage with it.

I put the cages through the 5 inch Xron machine to make sure they had enough adhesive on them.  I took a pair of scissors, but a pencil tip will work also, to get the glue out of the circles and spaces.

I used Martha Stewart's glitter-yellow barite- on the bird cages.  Here they are.  The one on the left is the grungeboard and the right is the yellow cardstock.  I was afraid the cardstock one would not be substantial enough, but it works fine.  I think this is brighter too.

Here's one I did in green.  I used green paper to cut out the bird cage and ran it through the Xron machine. Then I used green glitter from Sparkle and Sprinkle.  On both the gold and green paper bird cages I used a spray adhesive to lock in the glitter.  There are some little glitter stragglers but not as much I think if I hadn't sprayed the adhesive.  The only thing is you have to spray that outside because the fumes are so strong!  Plus I had to keep my cage outside for a good 30 minutes to air it out.  I had brought the gold one in and started to smell fumes...no no! Back outside you go!  :)

If you have glammed up some diecuts from one of your machines--Let me see!  In the comments section-leave your direct blog link to the project you used your fancy home-made diecut embellishment on, and I will stop by to see it!  :)

Until next time my friends...get out the glitter and glue!  :)


Carly said...

I still have not figured out how to use glitter, and avoid getting it everywhere!

Tanya Ham said...

I have been wanting to try something like this, and haven't had the right project come along yet. Guess it's time to just PLAY! :) Great tutorial, Katy!

~mindi brown~ said...

Katy~ I love your ideas and work. I have passed the Liebster blog award to you! Check out my blog

Khandrogos said...

it's amazing how different this looks. Being a straight guy I don't know too much about glitter, but this looks fabulous!