Saturday, January 7, 2012

Remember This Scrapbook Page

Hello Everybody!

It's late but I did it!  I completed my scrapbook page for Let's Scrap Challenge 126.  There were a lot of components to this challenge so I hope I explain this clearly.  (It is way past my bedtime!) ;)

The recipe for the challenge was made by Jeaune Viljoen DT.  I picked this sketch based on the recipe which was:

  • ONLY One picture; 
  • 7 different sheets of paper; 
  • The paper HAS TO BE pattern paper (no cardstock) and from a range that you have NEVER USED BEFORE
  • The layout has to have a title which is already included in the paper, as well as a subtitle (I did mine with a rub-on);
  • When it comes to embellishing: 
    • Some ribbon; 
    • 3 Flowers; 
    • 3 Brads (the three flowers at the top of the layout are brads); 
    • One metal embellishment and 
    • A button **in my late night stupor I originally forgot this but I have fixed it :)
Yikes!  That's one challenge!  :)  Here's my sketch....

 If you look it shows you 7 different pieces of paper.  That is what I needed!  So here is my page in completion.  Scroll on down and I'll show you what I did!


For Christmas I got Echo Park's For the Record collection.  It came with papers, a sheet of letter stickers, and a sheet of matching embellishment stickers.  Love it!  So the papers match, hence making my life easier.  This is the first time I have used Echo Park so I was super excited that I had to use it.  Instead of just admiring its beauty like I would have otherwise.  Not using any cardstock did scare me...but I was able to make it work.  Whew!

Here's 2 different papers done.

The sketch shows stitching and I was going to omit this part but I thought it would look nice with it.  So here's a funny story.  I have the Sew Easy kit.  I can't find the handle.  The main part of this tool is no where to be found.  So I get a piece of scrap kraft paper and push the design part down hard and create a template out of the kraft paper.  I went back over it with a piercer to make sure the holes were good.

Here's my template.

I matched it to the paper and I could kind of see the paper underneath, some red and some lighter color.

Well I was a little off, but I like it.  Maybe I meant to do that ;)

On the other side is stitching as well, but I decided to change the stitch and color.  Also, this is normal embroidery thread, but I divide it into 3 strands. 

Four papers--I'm getting there!

Once I have all of my papers ready, I need to make my photo pop.  But no cardstock!  So I used the Paper Studio's white ribbon to make a frame. 

3 Flowers...check!

3 Flowers and 3 Brads!  check check!  And the flowers looks so much better with these light green square brads!

Metal embellishment--hanging from the ribbon...

The title was quite challenging.  Remember this was printed in a strip with other strips.  So I made part of the strip go down the side on the left like the sketch calls for.  Then I cut off a remember this for the title.  This was the only words printed on paper I had (besides the dictionary paper) so I used stickers from the collection.  Then I did a little journaling so I would actually remember where I was when this photo was taken :)

Here is my scrapbook page again.  I love how it turned out!!  This challenge rocked!  Until next time my friends...good night :)  **Here is my layout without the button (the better picture of course!)

Here's where my button is.

And here is the completed page with the button.  Sorry about that!  :)  Thanks for stoppin' by!


Betty Anne said...

Mindi you did a fantastic job on the challenge and I love how you shared photo's showing each step as you went along.

Kay Wallace said...

Hi, Katy! I just love the step-by-step photos of the actual creation of your layout for Challenge 126 on the Let's Scrap website--and the end result is just perfect! I love you metal JOURNAY embellishment. That you pinned it to your ribbon is just plain crafty! Kudos to you, my friend!!

sa_homespun / Michelle van Wyk said...

what a great way to show your step by step.. I get so involved in the scrapping, i forget to take photos.. even when I do a tutorial.. LOL.. awesome layout.. well done.

Carly said...

Looks like a hard challenge! You have so many neat tools that you use so well!

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone can appreciate how many different elements and hard work went into this.