Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Alcohol Ink Butterflies

Hello Everybody!

If you are reading this--you made it through Halloween!  LOL!  Happy November 1st!  We have a lot to be thankful for, and November is a great month to celebrate it. 

So let's get ready to make our first Thank you card of the month!

First I get out a piece of glossy photo paper and my alcohol inks by Ranger.  Love them!  These are the brights, but any series is fine.  Also, get your blending solution out.  You'll need that too.

This next step is total serendipity.  Start dropping drops onto the glossy paper.  I use photo paper.   If you have left overs from pictures you cut out, this is the perfect place to use them.  After you drop move the paper around to help swirl the alcohol ink.  Bring in different colors and use the blending solution.  The blending solution will help the colors blend with each other. 


Here is how my finished glossy paper looks.  I used the felt applicator to fill in some of the white spots.  For this particular project, I don't want a lot of white spots.

Then I use my Martha Stewart butterfly punch and make 6 butterflies.  The card that we are putting them on is white, so I am careful not to have the outline of the butterfly be white because it will blend in with the background of the card.

After my butterflies are cut out, I picked out a sentiment for the bottom of the card.  I make a lot of thank you cards, so this Fiskars thank you card stamp set is perfect!  You can also handwrite the sentiment, but my handwriting is terrible.

And here's my card!  Because the butterflies are on glossy paper, they are shiny.  I stamped the sentiment in black on the bottom.  There are so many ways to do this card!  Different punches, different stamp sentiments...I really can't wait to see how I can do a variation of this. 

If you were looking to do an inexpensive gift, you could make up 5 or 6 of these thank you cards with a bow around them.  Each butterfly would be different, so each card would be different.

Until next time my friends...stay colorful!


Carly said...

I'm always amazed at your creativity. How do you come up with all these great ideas?

Katy said...

Carly, you're so sweet! I don't know where I come up with some of these but I have taken classes and get a lot of magazines :) I love alcohol inks, so when I had a use for the butterfly punch--I was like Score! :) Thank you for stopping by!