Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Medallion Christmas Card

Hello Everybody!
Hope all is well on your last day of November!  Now I have to make a confession before I show you my card for a Moxie Fab challenge.  I do not make my own Christmas cards.  I make other holidays and send them to my friends and family...but I don't do Christmas cards.  We like to take a picture or two and have someone else print them all out so all we have to do is address the envelopes and they go!  Then I can enjoy the rest of Christmas and stress out about decorations and presents and not about making cards! 

However,  a friend of mine asked me to make a few Christmas cards for a little inspiration.  How sweet is that?  I can't say no!  So for the Moxie Fab World Challenge:  Championing Award Medallions Challenge ...I present this Christmas card :)  There's still a few more days so you can play along too! 

Scroll on down and I'll show you what I did!

The first thing I made was the medallion, just to be sure I could make it.  I have had several unsuccessful tries in the past.  So I used regular household foil for my medallion.  I pulled off 24 inches and cut with scissors.  If you attempt this at home--please be careful.  Sometimes cut foil can be sharp!  (PS I'm not responsible for any foil mishaps, attempt at your own risk!)

I cut a 2.5 inch strip and save the rest for later.

I bend the foil back and forth (accordion style).  Because the foil is malleable, it doesn't spring like my paper medallions do.  Yay!

I fold it out and discover that it is quite large.  So I accordion fold the foil back and cut a little from each end (it's uneven so it cut off that part).  The new measurement is 1.5 inches.

Here is the medallion folded out.  I put some Glossy Accents on the end to close up the ends.

Here my medallion all finished!  One thing though--it is delicate.  The foil keeps its shape, but I think it would be tough to mail this little guy.

I put that aside.  I am going to put this medallion on black cardstock.  And I pulled out this cool reindeer ribbon that I bought a while back at Micheal's....and now I can use it!

My black cardstock was lacking.  To remedy this, I embossed it and put Perfect Pearls on it.  Perfect Pearls makes me so happy.  Total transformation....from black to silvery!!

Here is a close up of the powder in motion.  After I apply the Perfect Pearls, I use a spray adhesive so they won't rub off.

 When I do metallic things, I really get caught up in it.  When trying to find a center for my medallion, I looked at buttons, paper, all sorts of things.  But I ran across these Phrase Cafe stickers and saw the gold Joy--Bingo!  You can see I got these at Target on sale!  Woo Hoo!

I haven't put the black embossed paper on my card base yet.  This made it easy to wrap the ribbon.  I adhered it to the back with Zots (glue dots).  Then I put the medallion and the Joy sticker on.  The sticker I mounted on white cardstock first, cut it out, and then adhered it to the center of the medallion with redline tape.

Here is my finished card.  Until next time my're one in a medallion!  (LOLOLOL I know that was terrible!  I think my husband will love it though!)


Rachel W K said...

i can't believe you made one with FOIL!! I would have ripped that to shreds before i even started! i love the shine you got with it, this is a lovely holiday card!

-rachel w k

Kay said...

Absolutely AWESOME card!

Cath said...

Hey Katy! Thanks for linking this up to the Championing Award Medallions Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)