Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey Day Cards!

Hello Everybody!

How did this week just fly by?  Is it because there is SOOO much stuff to do?  I think so! 

And getting those Thanksgiving cards ready is on the list!  Now here is a funny story.  2 years ago I was very pregnant and was gluing googly eyes to these little turkeys I bought at Joanne's (for $1!).  My son was due in December...he came early--a month early!  So I didn't send Thanksgiving cards out that year.  Last year he turned 1 but I was so busy between Halloween and his first birthday that I worked on Thanksgiving cards, but it was too late to send them out.  But this year they are done!  And they are going out this year!  LOL!

The turkeys are felt turkeys from Joanne's 2 years ago.  I think I bought them in October though.  It's one of those things that you have to buy right then, because if you go back later they will be all gone.  Same way with those cute G Studio stamps for a $1.  Those are some great stamps I think for the price!

These are basically the same.  Background + turkey (with or without matting) + a decoration

I had some canvas ribbon that I stamped gobble on which was fun to do.  Also, I inked around the edges of some of the mats and backgrounds.  Patterned paper and solid cardstock both worked well for these cards.  

I used a felt pumpkin border for one card.  And leaf stickers were a fun accent to use, also.

If you look there is a turkey with 3 eyes.  My husband suggest that---a little radio active turkey joke ;)

Until next time my friends--get those Thanksgiving cards done and in the mail!

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