Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Look in Unexpected Places

Happy Tuesday Everybody!!

Just in case you didn't realize--Thanksgiving is next Thursday.  I'm just throwing that out there because I thought since my turkey cards were made I was going to be early.  But I realized that they may not be the case if I don't get those envelopes stamped and ready to go!

Yesterday I was at Target.  Let me just say they don't pay me anything (nobody does at the moment...but that can change!)  to say Target ;)  So I always look in the scrapbooking isle, but this time the goodies for scrapbooking were to be found in the ornament isle.  Take a look at this...

They are like felt laser embellishments.  They had a few different colors but the shapes were trees and hearts.  I am going to use the heart for a Valentine's day card I think.  More to come on that later!

You can see the ornaments aren't too thick...

In case no one were to believe me...3 ornaments for $1.  That is an embellishment for .33!  (Prices may differ in some areas.)  So I am very excited about this very unexpected find!

Until next time my friends...stay on the look out!

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