Friday, September 2, 2011

Colorful Thank You Card

Hello Everybody! 

I can't believe it is September already!  Well, I'm not yet ready to get out the browns and reds or pumpkins for that matter.  Today I'm making a colorful Thank You card.

A while back I bought a 12X12 scrap pad by K and C company named Brenda Walton.  Then the store must have been having a sale because I bought a matching mat book and a tag book.  It's awesome if you can get matching paper and pieces because it just makes it quicker to match paper.  When paper matching happens quickly, then you have more time for embellishments and pictures!

I chose the paper for my card background and a corresponding tag.  The lantern is already printed on the tag and it makes me happy. 

Because the tag is what I like to call "the centerpiece" of my card, I ink the edges of it with a black ink to make it stand out.

The next step involves embossing, so you need a heat gun, VersaMark, and embossing powder.  A hair dryer is not a replacement for a heat gun.  You will have a big mess on your hands!  Or the floor rather ;)

I take my sentiment, in this case thank you, and put VersaMark on it and stamp it on the tag.

In my tray I sprinkle a semi transparent embossing powder from a company called Sparkle N Sprinkle, over the "thank you."  The color is peanut butter.  Love it!

I got this powder from a booth that they set up at the Scrapbook Expo.  They have some awesome powders, glitters, and stamps.  Check out the places I go to see their website!

Next I use the heat gun to melt the powder.  This is such a cool's like magic!  Do notice that I removed my pink tray.  The tray is not heat resistant.  And I know this because I warped mine by heat embossing.


Here's a close up...

Since this is a tag, we need either ribbons or fibers...And since it's still summer I am going to put the colored woolly fibers back where they go.

On the inside I stamp "you're #1."  This stamp is one of the $1 stamps found at the register, and it was in a package for Father's Day.  Versatility!

Sometimes when I eyeball things, I get it right.  Sometimes I don't.  In this case I am a little too far right.  And it bugs me.  So I found this plastic arrow that I trimmed to fit next to my stamped sentiment.  Plus, it gives it a little life.  The arrow is from Queen & Co.

Here is the finished card.  Not very time consuming when your papers match!  Until next time...stay coordinated my friends! :)

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dr.jaya said...

This is a gorgeous creation.m learning a lot frm u!!!