Friday, September 9, 2011

Cool Timepiece Clock Card

Hello Everybody! 

Grandparents Day is on Sunday.  Personally, I was racing against the clock (no pun intended, I promise!) to get this card done.  

I start with a piece of old Cosmo Cricket paper (or at least that's what I think it is.)  It has sort of a vintage cloud feel but when I cut it to fit my card it's just a cool background.

From my cool box of goodies, a clock stamp set from Hot off the Press.  I liked it when I bought it, but I loved it after using it!  It has the phrase "time to celebrate" which helped me to get the concept for this card. 

Here I am just testing out one of the stamps.  This is a great back ground stamp.  I used this a couple of times on the card.  Start with light colors and go to dark as you layer stamps on top of one another. 

I'm using Ranger's Distress Inks for stamping.

This set has so many different types a clocks.  It's so fun to chose the Coo Coo clock!

This is a deep blue color.  So I stamped it once on a scratch sheet, and I will use the second printing of the stamp on my card.

My card is almost done!  I had stamped the phrase on a piece of canvas ribbon, but it was ugly.  So ugly I couldn't even take a picture of it.

So I added this beige lace...

And cool stickers for my sentiment.  The stickers came from some I bought from Target a loooong time ago and the "celebrate" pebble letters came from Joann's house brand.

Remember friends to tell the ones you love that you love them!  Whether it's Grandparents Day or not!  Until next time my friends...get out those stamps!

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