Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers, Shimmers, and a Card!--One Special Tidbit Tuesday

Hello Everybody!

I hope everybody had a good Labor Day yesterday!  And if you had to work, hopefully you didn't have to work to hard!

Remember that box of cool goodies?  Well I bought a pack of Prima flowers that are plain.  I like to call them "naked" but they won't be for long!  This is how they come--a very cool cylinder container.

Here is a close up... 

This is so fun!  I didn't even realize how much fun this next part was.  I bought a Twinkling H20 from one of my favorite craft stores when they had them on sale.  I had heard about them, so when they are discounted, why not?  Then I receive Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine from the UK in the mail.  They send free goodies with each magazine.  I've gotten stamps and papers, but this time I got a set of 4 shimmers.  I looked to see who made them, but they just have the magazine's name on them.  So supplies gathered--shimmers, paintbrush, and some water.

It is love at first brushstroke!  So shimmery!

Here is my flower completed.  I know you can't see the shimmer--but trust me, it's there!  The shimmer looks just like what it does in the package.

Here I try my free shimmer of pink.  I love it, too!  I can't stop!

Some of you may remember when they sold little paper flowers in cute jars.  I have not used up all of my flowers, so I dig out a pink one.  Awesome!  What a way to liven up things I already have!

Here is a blurry closeup.  My apologies for that...but you can see the shine on the top of the flower. 

So it doesn't work on transparencies.  That's OK.  It does work on white ric rac!  Look how pretty!
Since it is like a water paint, you will need to wait for it to dry before using it in a project.

Told you I couldn't stop!

Usually, this would be the end of our Tuesday Tidbit--but there's more!  Here is what I did with my cool flowers...I made a card!

This is a little trick I use when I have to match paper a certain way.  Here it doesn't matter because this is just plain light green cardstock, but I have put patterns on upside down plenty of times!

The top of the card is the crease so I have the adhesive on the back side of my colored cardstock and match the two together.

My card will include my painted ric rac.  However, there is a problem.  I don't have enough to fit the width of my card!  No fear my friends!  I measure the ric rac out as if it is all one color to fit the card.  Then I cut my piece in half.

I put my pretty ends on each side of the card.  The middle has the white, and that is where my flowers will be going.  (Or "centerpiece" that would go there.)  So this white part will be hidden, and no one will know it is even there!  Unless they are reading my blog today, and I'm OK with that!  :)

This is a great technique for when you are shy of ribbon and you must have this ribbon!  Cut it in half and where it "meets" is where your embellishment will go to hide the shortage!  Brilliant I say!!

I glued this down with 1/8 red line tape.

Ahh...the funnest part!  Picking out the flower centers!  I used pearls from Making Memories, Kaiserscrapbook, and Creative Imaginations.  I used glue dots to adhere them to my flowers.

I used VersaMark ink and stamped "thank you" on the corner.  I then used the embossing powder, same as last week, to do a heat embossed sentiment.  The powder is from Sparkle n Sprinkle, and it is called Peanut Butter.  And it is so delicious!!

Also, I took gold ink and inked the borders of the card to give it a little definition.  So much sparkle!

Finished!  The more I look at this card, I wish I was sending it to myself!  Oh well!  Until next time friends...stay sparkly!

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