Friday, September 23, 2011

Vellum Quotations

Hello Everybody!

Are you ready for the weekend?  Are you going to do some scrappin'?  I always hope I am!

I am always working on a couple of albums at a time.  Sometimes if I get stumped on one, then I put it away and start on a different theme, pictures, etc.  One of my favorite albums that I work on is....My Favorite Pictures album.

It's an 8x8 album.  I can scrap my favorite picture quickly but there is plenty of space on the page to use embellishments and whatever else!

So as I am gathering up my supplies for the next page in my album, I run across these...

 A big o' stack of vellum quotations.  I probably bought these 5 plus years ago.  I think I must've thought scrapbooking was coming to an end, and I must buy everything!  (you would think that to if you saw some of my stuff!  ha ha!)  So I want to use one of the quotations...but put a modern spin on it...let's see what you think!

Here is my page.  Pretty simply.  I started it a few weeks ago, got busy and now I am coming back to it. 

The Happiness Is...  is the vellum piece which isn't secured.  Most adhesive shows through the back, so generally they are put on with brads or stickers.

Instead of the traditional way, I'm going to use my Sew Easy tool.  I start the holes in the paper and go into the vellum.  I do this to anchor the vellum to the paper, so they are connected.

Here is what the backside looks like starting off.  I am going to tape the ends down, rather than knotting it. 

I sew it.  My favorite part :)  The lines are a little crooked, but that's ok!  I'm not a machine!

Here is my finished page.  I dated it on the side of the matted photo.  Yay!  One vellum quote down, 5 more books of quotations to go!  ;)

Until next time my friends!

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