Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Time for a Birthday!

Hello Everybody!

I hope everyone has had a great week!  It has flown by...where is September?  We are half way through already!

So I don't have Tuesday's card ready.  I am not sure if I like it.  Crazy huh?  So I will keep looking at it blankly until I can figure out something to do with it. 

Until then I do have a great Friday project!  It's my sister birthday so of course I have to make her a card!

Get out your alcohol inks and some stamps and let's get started!
The technique I am going to use for part of my card comes from Tim Holtz at:

He's got some other great videos on how to so check 'em out!

I used a piece of glossy photo paper.  This is different than what Tim uses.  This is what I had on hand.

Alcohol inks--check  Keyboard Can Duster--check  Look at those splatters!

I liked how this turned out, but I want my sentiment to go on the card, and that purple is too dark.  So I do another one.  On the one below I use less air and drop the ink on the paper and move the paper around (in the air) to move the droplets.  I added a few drops of the mixing solution to get colors to blend and move in different directions.

Remember my clock stamp set?  It's back!  Time to celebrate!!  I was impressed with the clarity of my stamps on the glossy paper.  Also, I used Staz On ink so it will dry on the glossy surface.  Not all stamp pads will.

I probably should have stopped here, but there are gears on the stamp sheet!

Here's the finished card on the outside.

On the inside I put a rub-on on (?) and left all 4 "happy birthday" lines intact.  I stamped a flourish on the side, because you know what?  I didn't place my sentiment in the middle.  Then my flourish came out lighter than I would have liked it, but I am going to leave it.  If I try to go back over it, I will just double the image and that to me is worse.  It's serendipity...and I just go with it!  Until next my friends, take some time to celebrate!

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