Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little help from my friends...Tidbit Tuesday

Hello Everybody!

Happy Tuesday! So when we did my son's birthday party, my husband and I wanted to do a Dr. Seuss theme. Well it's much harder to pick the theme and go look for the stuff then to go look at the stuff and pick out a theme! But no matter we still wanted Dr. Seuss.

Thankfully, Michael's had a little section of Seuss things. This card kit is what I used to make the invitations along with some foamies.

Yay for foam stickers!

Here is one of the invitations. I tried to make it easy on myself. The card background really makes this awesome! On the inside I printed the invitation details and cut it out to fit the card. I used my Xyron to make sure all of the paper adhered to the card.

I needed more foam stickers so I bought the big daddy!

I made a mobile with them. I took embroidery floss and split the strands from 6 to 2 each. In the big pack every foam sticker has a twin. So I found the matches and put a big glue dot on one side, laid the floss down and put the other sticker on top-sandwiching the floss. The backs were still on them...that way when the party was done I could use the stickers for other projects. ;)

Another picture of the mobile.

This is the cake my husband made. He used the Duff fondant for the green eggs and ham.

The cake was so good!

Michael's had this sticker pad. I took one sheet and put it in each of the goodie bags. The rest of the stickers were used for thank you cards.

I put these stickers on a white cardstock and then cut it out.

Here are my thank you cards. There were only a couple with the foamies on it. The flat ones are easier to mail.

Yay! I love it when a plan comes together! So just know it's ok to get help from premade stickers to home make other things! Sometimes that makes the creative juices flow faster!

Until next time...try the green eggs and ham!