Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gelli Prints

Hello Everybody!

It always feels like forever since I last did a blog post.  And I realized why!  I get so caught up in doing challenges and my DT posts that I don't post my in between process.  I'm always trying to craft something-good, bad or for the trash-LOL.  So over the weekend I worked on my gelli plate and today I'm going to show them to you.  It's about sharing inspiration right?  Let's go!

Here lately I try to "save" books at 2nd hand stores.  I have a couple of text books, dictionaries (I am a sucker for a dictionary!), just some regular story hard back books, and these...old almanac or world books.  

Now in the beginning it was hard for me to tear up a book.  It's a book?!?! for crying out loud-meant to be read and collected.  But thankfully for people in blogland and pinterest-they were doing things with their book pages.  So I started to dictionary pages and year book pages because does anyone care about what happened in 2010?  No-or else they wouldn't have donated their book!  LOL.  

So on the weekend I tore out many pages and sized them for card backgrounds.

Here are what the pages look like.  I'm showing this so you can see there are columns and it doesn't read like a regular book.  Which I was unsure of at first-but it all works!  Keep scrolling! :)

I got out my paints....Now these special little paints were bought for another project-that I might blog about on another day.  They are liquidy (warning: I'm not an artist)-fluid acrylics.  They dry quicker which isn't what you really want with a gelli plate because you need time to add and take away from the gelli plate before you take your monoprint.  But I had to experiment--and look at all of those beautiful colors!  Oh and the one with the heart--my favorite!  Phthalo green  :)

And here are my normal craft acrylics.  They do dry faster than these particular golden paints.  (Golden makes lot of different types of paints.)  To me they have a smell.  Also, on paper they feel different than the goldens.  

I made about 30 prints.  It didn't feel like that many and I could have kept going.  My book has like 1000 pages---That's a LOT of cards in the making! ;)  In this picture you see the shiny red "material?"  That is where sequins are punched from.  It has a name of which I cannot think of at this time.  It makes a cool print on the gelli plate.

So the prints on the left are the goldens and the right are the craft acrylics.  

This is one of my favorite prints.  You can see that there is enough paint to not care about columns and charts on the paper.  And I haven't added stamps or die cuts to it yet.  This is from the regular acrylics.  

Here's a close up.  Love....

I enjoyed playing and hope to make some more soon.  I have these stacked up and ready for cardmaking.  As a matter of fact I am working on a card for Friday that uses one of these backgrounds-so be sure to stop back by!

Until next time my friends...stay creative! :)


Billie A said...

I know the issues with using books. I like punching out flowers from books and the first few times it was hard. I like the gelli plate prints. I have done a few and should try it again. They are great for backgrounds and cant wait to see what you create with them. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These look amazing! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Eunice Beckmann said...

Hi Katy,
it looks like really much fun - I try it out a few days before :)
I understand, why you spend so much time in it!
Have fun :)
Hugs, Eunice

Monika Reeck said...

wooooww it looks cool Katy
and I never think like you collection old book
cool background you have made
anddd you know Almanak is Arabis I think
we said it is Calendar in Indonesia :)
great made my friend
see you around maybe

Leslie said...

These are fabulous!! LOVE the colors!!