Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Goosebumps...the Spray!

Hello Everybody!

What I am going to show you is so cool!  Below is a piece of transparency that has texture---and it is so easy to do! 

I got a bottle of Goosebumps clear texture spray from Paper Wishes (remember the box!).  The bottle says it can be used on paper, transparency (acetate), acrylic, etc.  So anytime something can be used on transparencies, I am all about it. 

You just spray the texture on as thick as you like it.  That's it!  And let it dry.  I don't know how long it took to dry, because I sprayed then walked away.  And came back the next day :)

Here is the paper I used it on.  It looks way cooler in person, but you can see the texture to the left.

Here is what the bottle looks like.  I haven't tried painting over it, but I am sure I will!  Friday's project won't include this :(  I know.  But rest assured I am working on it and other things I received in my box of loot.  Until next time...

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this is great!