Friday, August 12, 2011

Heatwave Card

Hey Everybody!

Whew!  It's hot, isn't it?  But right now it seems to be really REALLY hot! 

I watch Good Morning America, and Sam Champion (the weather anchor) tells me that Dallas, Texas has been in the 3 digits for a record breaking amount of days.  I have friends in Austin, so everytime he mentions Dallas (which is frequently) I think about them. 

I recently bought a new (to me that is, I am rather behind the newest cartridges) Cricut Cartridge--Life is a Beach.  And between what Sam keeps telling me and the great images on this cartridge....the idea for this card was born!

The first thing I cut out is the title Heat Wave at 3 inches.  My card measure 5.5 inches across longways.

Now I had thought I wanted to use this Making Memories striped paper...but I'm not sure.

This is another Making Memories paper that matches the stripes, it is just more of an orangey, pink solid.  Still not sure...

When magic happens, you know it!  Plus, this water looking paper fits the part.  I am pretty sure it came from DCWV from one of their big paper stacks.  I've had this paper for a long time!

I take an orange fine felt tipped Sharpie and outline the letters to the title.  I don't do anything to the letters that have the sun intercepting them.

I like this effect.  Kind of makes it feel fiery.

I use orange Stickles to outline the sunshine.  It is beautiful.  I love it.  Again, magic!

I return to the Cricut and cut out waves for the inside of the card.

There are a few ways to cut out waves.  When I cut out the normal image, it wasn't enough to cover inside of my card.  So I recut the same color using the border feature.  I cut it at 2 inches.  The only problem is that it is now too long.  But better than being too I just trimmed off the extra, and saved it.  I'm sure I can use it somewhere!

The Cricut cuts a face on the inside of the sunshine.  I did another test sunshine and used a black pen to outline the cuts.  That didn't look good, so I used this shimmer chalk I had and lightly went over the sunshine face.  The chalk gave the sunshine exactly what it needed!

I glued on the title and centered it.

Here is a close up of the sun. 

Here is the inside!  I used Doodlebugs Jack and Jill letters for the inside.  I got those letters at Hobby Lobby (sticker's on the back ;)  Until next time...Do stay cool my friends!

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