Friday, July 1, 2011

Advertising Flowers

Hello Everybody!  Happy Fourth of July!  Here is this week's project!

The Cuttlebug is an awesome scrapbooking tool.  It can cut different kinds of paper, material, and thin chipboard.  So I set out to use it this morning to make flowers on a budget. If you don't have a Cuttlebug-that's OK!  You can free hand flowers...You have to see what I make the flowers out of!

*Side note--I have found when I use material I use a thicker die like Sizzix to make clean cuts.

You can get the die-cutting dies from different places.  There are coupons out there for a % off.
These are a great way to build your collection.  Also, you can always check the Internet!

Instead of using scrapbooking paper for my flowers, I'm going to use these ads that they sent to me in the mail.  Free!  Circulars in newspapers work really well too.  Or you can use a box from cereal or tacos in the Cuttlebug, and the results are really great.  And you are recycling and reusing!

First I take my plain card that I get from Michaels.  I like using these cards, a lot!

I covered the card with scrapbook paper that I had in my scrap pile.  You can use construction paper to make your card and decorate the front or put a different color paper on top for your construction paper card to have a different color background.

I liked the pattern of this little girl's dress.  I cut it out to fit over my flower die-cut.  This is a great ad because my whole flower is the color of her dress.  If you use a drugstore ad, the pictures are too small.  But that is OK.  If you make 4 or 5 flowers out of the circular, you will see that they are from an ad and that will make it fun for your recipient.  And you can always get out the paint and paint your flowers.
Then I cut out a different pattern to make another flower.  Below you can see they are staggered sizes.
I can use them separately, but instead I decide to stack them on top of each other for a little layering effect.

Below are my results: Success!

The front of the ad had a lady a green dress.  Perfect!  I cut out stems and leaves-freehand-from her dress.

I adhered the flowers using Tim Holtz's Accents glue.  Just a little dab here and there.  It is great on the skinny stem pieces!

I could stop my card here, and it is good enough to send to someone.  But I can't, I must add to it!
There was blue on the ad, so I die-cutted HI and adhered it to my card.  There are so many options here.  You can stamp, write, use stickers on a piece of paper, cut out your sentiment and put it on your card where you like it.

But again...I am not done yet!  Are those flower centers empty?  Not for long!  I put a button and a little pink center on my flowers.  Buttons with glitter, pompoms, puff paint...whatever you have will look pretty in the center!  The pictures are the same below (for the most part) except for the flash.  I couldn't chose so I decided to put both of them on here!

Below is what I used for the center of the flower.  They are plastic-like little half domes called Robin's Eggs.  They come in a variety of colors, and there is so much you can do with them.  I get them from my local scrapbook store.  They are a lot of fun to play with!

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Anonymous said...

Must add more embelishments... can't stop..
Not only a great way to recycle but also a cheap way to be creative!