Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--School Supplies!

Hello Everybody!

If you need school supplies--now is the time to stock up on pens and folders!  At Wal-mart (prices may vary by location) they have Composition books on sale for .40.  Forty CENTS! 

When decorated they make great journals or great gifts for people who like to journal.  I have a decorated one that I use as a creative journal.  Stop back on Friday, and I will show you how I like to decorate these books! 

Get out your paints and fun embellishments!

As a side note--2 of these 3 books are made in the USA.  I think it's great when I can buy stuff made here in the States.  If you go looking for these books, just look on the back to see where they are made.  The blue and green ones were made in the USA.  Until next time!

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Khandrogos said...

These books are so cheap and you can easily personalize them... wait and see how cool it is!