Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday--Star cards on a budget!

Hello Everybody!

As I was working on my Fourth of July cards, I thought, what if someone wanted to make these cards but didn't have the scrapbook stuff.  That's OK!  Here's an alternative to get you started...because your own creativity may come up with a different solution!

You can use construction paper and fold a card.  Then take another piece of construction paper and measure and cut the paper to match the front of your card.  Then you can free hand stars (if you are doing a 4th of July theme) or use cookie cutters to trace your shapes (thanks mom-in-law for the idea!).  Then you can cut out the shapes. 

Cutting shapes from the middle of paper can be awkward, so what I usually do is take a whole punch (if it will reach) and punch a whole on the part I want to cut out.  From there I use my scissors to get to the outline of the shape.

You could use more construction paper to fold and fill in your shapes or you could use magazines.  I have stacks of magazines that I don't know what to do with so they come in handy for projects.  Plus, you are reusing something you already have!  Also, you could paint newspaper and make strips and fold them for your shapes. 

Red line tape is the best to adhere this design to the base card, but if you use construction paper good ol' glue may work and not warp your paper.  If you do use red line tape, remember that it isn't very forgiving.  You can use whatever adhesive you feel comfortable with.  I would try an "experiment" card first.  This is a great project for kids too!  They can help fold the papers!  They should have adult supervision though!

I almost forgot!  The sentiment can be handwritten or printed from a computer.  If you have decorative scissors, you can use those to cut them out. 

Until next time have a great day!  :)

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