Friday, March 22, 2013

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Hello Everybody!

How are you guys doing?  I'm good here.  It's been forever! (Even a few days feels like forever!)  For the past couple of night I have been working on my project for the Tattered Flower Challenge that Tim Holtz is having.  You can find out all of the details here.

Now I don't know about you, but a challenge like this is like wow!  What awesome thing can I create.  So I rack my brain thinking.  And then time starts slipping at an exponential rate.  So I had to decide on something and I went back to the root of it all-scrapbooking.  That's my favorite thing followed by cards :)  So this is a mini scrapbook that I made out of a piece of grungeboard-6X12.  I folded it in half.

Here is the decorated front.  All of the blooms are from Tim Holtz's Tattered Floral Die.  Scroll on down for a closer look.

Here is  close up of my big bloom.  I used a brad to bind all of the blooms together.  I used a TH paper clip and a jump ring to attach the acrylic charm.  The word photos is from TH's chit chat word stickers (love them!)

So here is how I made the background.  I cut out various sizes out of ugly paper (I don't like sea foam green card stock LOL.)  I painted gesso over it.  Then I did a second coat of gesso and then a coat of acrylic paint-white.  But then I thought there needed to be more flowers.  So I added more flowers and painted it white, with two coats.

So here is the finished background.  I painted other blooms using acrylic paint and gloss gel medium.  This help to make the paint transparent and you can see the text on the petals.  I glued some along the edge of the book (to help hide the staples).  I used burlap and muslin in my big flower.

Here is a picture of the inside with different paper I put inside.  I hope to make something soon with it!

Here is what I used for the petals.  This is one of my favorite books!  There is all sorts of text.  And I have learned somethings about 1997.  What? You ask.  Like all of the Miss America Winners are listed in here going back to 1921 and various facts about employment.  And I discovered a few maps in there so I hope to be using those soon!  This was only 99 cents at Goodwill.  Pretty awesome!

Thank you for stopping by!  And Tim and Mario-if your reading this Thank you for the great challenge! :)

Until next time my friends...I'm gonna read some more Facts of 1997 ;)


Desire Fourie said...

Katy this is so creative. Love all the handmade flowers and especialky the layered one.
{I would love you to take part in my 500 Follower Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered.} Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Dr Sonia S V said...

The way you made the flowery background is amazing.So inspiring!
Dr Sonia
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Angi Barrs said...

I love flowers. Yours is fabulous!

Migdalia said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!
Have a Wonderful Day,

Candy C said...

Katy...your book is amazing! I love your idea of how you used the tattered flowers on the cover! Very clever. I also like your more traditional use of the tattered flower on the front of your book. What a pretty, colorful and dimensional flower! So pretty. Thank you so much for the very nice comment you left on my blog about my Steampunk tag featured at Ranger. That meant air to me! Hugs, Candy