Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Texture Tidbit Tuesday

Hello Everybody!

I had to share this with everybody-Martha Stewart White Texture effect.  I was in Michael's last week and found myself in the stenciling section.  You never know when there will be cool stuff in a different department!

If it's not the scrapbooking department then I feel like I am in a foreign land.  Jewelry, knitting-I just don't know.  The same is true for the paint department.  But as I look around blogland, I see folks using fiber stuff and all sorts of things to add interest to scrapbook pages and cards-and I want to do that too!  So unfortunately, this stuff was too new for someone to explain it to me.  So I went out on a limb and bought some.

Here's a little video here.  It shows some of the other products in the line.

And I love it!  It is what it says.  It's white texture.  Just scoop and smooth.  I was making a card and tried to use a paper Tim Holtz gear as a mask-sort of and this part turned out pretty cool.  (The bottom did not so my card went a different direction.)

So I smoothed out the texture that I used on the gear and let it dry.  I added some paint and the gear looks rusted.  How cool is that!  There's my gear.  I don't know what else I can use it on but I'm very excited.  

If you have suggestions-just let me know!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Until next time my friends--Texture! :)

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Jenny Marples said...

Hi Katy. Just doing a catch-up on your blog and have to say I am impressed with your textured cog. Found a video by Christy Tomlinson on YouTube about masks and stencils (pt 2) which looks worth checking out and there are loads of peeps now using modelling paste/texture paste of different makes in their journalling now. Can't wait to see where you go with this. Hugs, Buttons x