Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday Challenge-You Tell Me!

Hello Everybody!

Happy Tuesday to you!  Usually on Tuesdays I share a little tidbit of information.  It could be a new technique or product or something different to incorporate to scrapbooking.  But this Tuesday is different.

I want you to give me a tidbit.  That's right!  You tell me something you think I should know.  You have until June 28th Midnight EST.  So leave a comment with your tidbit.  If you have a blog post-then leave the URL in the comments, and I will come and visit.

Here's the deal:

1. For this you can back link
2. You don't have to have a blog-leave a comment in the comment space and check back a couple of days after June 28th to see if you have won
3. 1 Tidbit per person so make it good :)
4. Must be a Cut and Paste Pal

I probably have left something off-so if I need to revise I will.

And the prize is a $6 gift certificate to The Paper Shelter.  They have fun digital stamps which I have used before and really enjoy.

Until next time my friends...see you in a tidbit!


Mynnette said...

This is hard, Katy! I will have to think, but I'll be back with my tidbit soon! :)

Mynnette said...

Here is my tidbit--NEVER GIVE UP!!! I was sitting around talking to my DH about my crafting and I was telling him how I had been feeling sorry for myself a lot lately as to "winning" and he reminded me that "winning" isn't everything. The journey is! I looked back to see how many times I had won, realized he was correct and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had won 3 more times in my absence of blogging! NEVER GIVE UP. I am NOT the best crafter, but I do get a little better each day because I will NEVER GIVE UP!!! Also, I remember when I first started blogging how frustrated I got because I felt like no one was commenting/noticing MY blog. You know what?! I needed to do better at visiting others! It was hard at first, but I NEVER GAVE UP! It's worked and I feel so blessed to have met such amazing crafters in my journey! {{{HUGS}}} to you and yours, Katy! :)