Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday-Glitter Glitter Everywhere!

Hello Everybody,

Happy Valentine's Day!  Yay!! :)  Hope you get lots of hugs and candy today!  :)

Maybe the kids are playing with glitter or you are (LOL I hopefully am!) and there is a mess being made.  Now you may be familiar with what I am about to tell you...but if not here we go!

I learned this trick from my friends at Sparkle N Sprinkle during a Scrapbook Expo show last year.

Coffee filters!  Separate one out.

Here I have my stamp (from Little Yellow Bicycle), VersaMark, and embossing powder.

On a tan piece of cardstock there is my awesome....

I poured the embossing powder onto my stamped image while over the coffee filter.

Fold the filter like a taco.

And pour it back into the jar.  It is better to do this with two hands, and I spilt some because I had one hand on the camera :)  Now with the kids I would still put newspaper or whatever underneath.  I actual have an oven mat and then my Tim Holtz craft mat on top.  I can never be too safe ;)

Until next time my friends....stay ....
:) Happy Valentine's Day!

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Annette said...

this is AWESOME.. :)