Friday, June 27, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Hello Everybody!

At Scrap It Girl this week we want to know what your favorite die is!

If you are like me-this changes.  LOL!  One month I love one thing....until I love something else!

So right now I totally love this Courtyard Die cut from Tim Holtz.  I love the little inside pieces.  It can be a background layer or a border.  You can use both pieces or just the little diamonds.  Just so versatile!

Here is the Courtyard die in action.  I posted this recently but you can see the main part of this die with all of the paper strips and then the diamonds on the outer parts of the pages.  Awesomeness!  :)

I hope you link up with us!  If you have a die cut on your electronic machine that you use--link that up.  We'd love to see it! :)

Until next time my's time to go make some more diamond shapes! :)

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yyam said...

Oooooh..that is a lovely die. Loved how you used this on your double page spread!

P/s: My fave thing changes every