Friday, March 21, 2014

Favorite Things Friday-Tables and Chairs

Hello Everybody!

This week at Scrap It Girl it is time to find out where you like to sit while you craft.  Or you can share your desk.

Here is my chair:

Here is my chair and desk.  As I looked at my teammates scrappy areas I realized that I am a hoarder.  LOL!  That is stuff under my desk.  There is a space between my desk and my IKEA shelf system.  My desk makes an L shape.  

My hubby built my desk-which I love.  There are cubbies everywhere and lots of filled up surface space.  ;)

Here is my shelf system.  Yeah, I am thinking there should be a show called Craft Horders-I could be the host!  And my sister used to say-You won't use all this stuff in your lifetime.  So I found that to be a challenge (why I can't give it away).  I have to use it to prove my sis wrong--Love you!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!  Link up your space so we can see your happy place!

Until next time my friends...I have to go find something (good luck to me on that!)  ;)


KarenB said...

Ooooh, I love peeking inside other scrappers' crafting areas :) My desk has lots of stuff underneath too.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! I love your humor about your hoarding!!! LOVING your craft space!!!!!