Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday-Tissue Paper

Hello Everybody!

I am posting this late because last week was so busy!  My sister and her family visited from out of town, and we had so much fun!  And 2 friends came to visit on separate days.  So it has just been an exciting time for seeing friends and family.

I did get to sneak away to Micheal's because I was looking for something for my husband's upcoming birthday.  Now wouldn't you know they have new stuff-which I wasn't prepared for.  LOL!  So I had to exercise lots of control and not buy too many treats for myself!

One of the new things (to me anyways!) is printed tissue paper in the specialty scrapbook paper area.

There are 5 sheets in this pack for no more than $2 (prices and coupons may vary).  They had a few other prints but I chose just 1.  How cool!  They had 12X12 canvas paper too.  I'll be back ;)

Until next time my friends--If you want to save your money-don't go shopping! ;)


Mynnette said...

I have been looking at some of this and wondering what I could make with it--I can't wait to see what you make with this, Katy!!! :) Perhaps it could be a Technique Tuesday?! ;)

yyam said...

Oooh...love this! Have fun! :)